Our Company

SILIGOM is proud of being awarded the quality certification by the ENARGAS (Ente Regulador del Gas de la República Argentina - Gas Regulation Authority of Argentina) for our products.

Manufacturing Rubber, Viton® and Silicone Products for over 40 years

SILIGOM began operating 40 years ago to bring answers to specific needs of their clients, that required quality assured products.

SILIGOM is unique in the manufacture of special parts for the gas industry, as we assure our clients that each piece has mirror surface, without ripples or waves. Therefore, their finished products will not have unwanted leaks.

Our business structure allows us the flexibility to manufacture specific products for each client. Our speciality is the production of pieces according to blueprints, CAD drawings or scketches, in specific materials, and unique manufacturing requirements.

Among others, we utilize the most common polymer families in the market, such as Nitrile (NBR), Silicone, Epichloridrine, EPDM, SBR, Natural Rubber, Neoprene® and Viton®, in different hardnesses, as each characteristic answers a specific need.

You can download a descriptive table of the most common materials used by SILIGOM for the manufacturing of our products, as well as a comparative table of the different polymers' properties. Our clients are able to select which material will best suit their needs, according to the performance they will require for their finished products.

Neoprene® y Viton® son marcas registradas de DuPont Dow Elastomers.
Neoprene® and Viton® are registered trademarks of DuPont Dow Elastomers.